Process parameters are about the information needed to understand how to produce:

• production times

• axes and spindles speed

• axis override and absorption

• engines temperature

• tools used

Devco4 also associates other parameters to the processed part, including Part Program, operator on the machine, and justifications for machine downtime.

Devco4 is a standardized software solution, immediately applicable, that allows to connect machine tools both to the company’s management system and to each other. This way the dialogue between the production world and the other company departments (design, programming, quality, maintenance, tooling, storage, purchasing, sales) is continuous, effective and total.

Devco4 is a sophisticated system that acquires all the information generated by the machine and makes it available in a simple, punctual and complete way. It is a highly effective bridge between the individual machine and the entire company environment.

Devco4 is an Industry 4.0 solution hardware and software immediately applicable on every CNC machine, CN or even simple PLC.

Main features include:

– a simple and intuitive man/machine interface for instant machine and line status display

– the acquisition of data from the machine to make them available in real time to the company system (IS).

– real-time transfer of production requests from the company database to the machine.

– the integration in the system of other devices such as label printers, bar code readers, measuring devices, etc.

In particular, Devco4 acquires from IS data such as product code – internal or customer project/order – quantity

– processing phase – estimated delivery date – bar code. From CNC machines it acquires bar code – production start/end date and time – quantity produced – quantity of accepted and rejected parts – machine stops – alarms – process parameters.

Continuous and immediately viewable on-screen data flow

The graphical user interface of Devco4 is simple and intuitive and shows on screen the data that the company server and the machine exchange during processing.

From the server comes the processing data: tooling and program verification – tooling only – processing resumption.

From the CNC machine comes the production data: production times per production order – processing times with workpiece – machine downtimes – process parameters.